Pete Johnson

West Virginia Mobile Notary

About Me

I am a seasoned professional with a background in security and law enforcement.

I perform notarial acts within the State of West Virginia. I am located in Moundsville, WV, and will meet at a public location agreed upon when the appointment is made. I verify the authenticity of documents and serve as an impartial witness when signing legal documents.

NOTE: "I am not an attorney licensed to practice law. I am not permitted to draft legal records, give advice on legal matters, including but not limited to, immigration, or charge a fee for those activities" 


Legal Documents

Legal forms often require notarized signatures. Documents may include:

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Advanced directives
  • Executorships
  • Custody and guardianship agreements
  • Power of attorney
  • Court documents

Business Documents

Businesses often have a need for notary services. While not every single important document requires notarization, some documents requiring these witnessed, verified kinds of signatures include:

  • Articles of incorporation
  • Memorandum of understanding documents
  • Vendor contracts
  • Commercial leases
  • Employment contracts
  • Construction and loan agreements

Motor Vehicle Documents

Motor vehicle documents requiring notarization vary by state. West Virginia requires the following:

  • Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale

USPS First Class Postage (Coming Soon)

You can visit my Online Store to browse and purchase authentic USPS Forever Stamps at a discounted price. 


How do I know if my form needs to be notarized?

If it contains the words, "Place Notary Seal Here," that can indicate you might need a notary service. Typically, a governmental organization or some other entity in charge of a process will let you know that your document or certificate must be notarized. 

How much does notarization cost?

Charges vary based on a number of factors. Please use the Contact page herein to request a quote and make an appointment.

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